Dogalert Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Clever dog smart camera

Wifi Home security camera Unboxing.

OtoSense: Tag Sounds You Record

The app works immediately upon download and comes pre-programmed with standard fire and smoke alarm detector sounds found in the U.S. and Europe.

Dogworld 3D: My Dalmatian - The Cute Puppy Dog - Kids Apps

The little puppy is always with you and is always happy when you take care of him, give him treats or just simply cuddle with him. The puppy reacts to touching ...

Braci PRO Application

Allow your smart device's to be turned into High tech alerting devices with just the Braci Pro Application. By converting any type of sound from your environment, ...

Dragon Dictation app (iPhone) on Deaf Person

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Dog Whistler App

How to Borrow a Dog: Bark'n'Borrow | Shelly Coco

I've been using an app to borrow dogs!!! And you can too!!! The app is called Bark'n'Borrow and you can download it in the appstore, scroll through dogs ...

Dog Mischief

Ben the dog decided to sneak up on Tom the cat. First, He smacked Tom. Then, he shot a cookoo bird with a gun and poured water on that poor cat's head. Then ...

Braci - Compatible products ( Echo )

Braci Ltd. company developed smart algorithm on smart phones to alert deaf and hard of hearing in case if emergencies such as Fire alarms , doorbell ...

doorbell visual alert in living room

front door doorbell button pushed and then back door doorbell button pushed. the fake plants all light up - different sequence for front/back to differentiate when ...

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